Police caution against fake news relating to human trafficking and kidnapping of women and children

VAAL TRIANGLE - The Gauteng police say they have noted with concern the continued peddling of fake news relating to human trafficking and/or kidnapping of women and children in the province. This comes after several voice notes on WhatsApp and video clips on social media were spread about community members noticing alleged human trafficking incidents. The National Commissioner has clarified over the past two weeks that these cases are untrue. Gauteng Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Elias Mawela has reminded the public that no good can come from the spreading of fake news. Mawela says the anonymity that often surrounds the identity of the creators or sources of fake news, confirms that the intention can only be hostile, seeking to unsettle community-police relations that the SAPS is working so hard to build and restore.

In the meantime, police in Gauteng will continue to give priority attention to genuine cases of human trafficking, kidnappings, as well as crimes committed against women, children, and other vulnerable persons. Parents are urged to remain vigilant and prioritise the safety of their children at all times and to always be aware of the children's whereabouts. Children should not be left unattended as this could create an opportunity for criminals to commit crime. Members of the public are encouraged to report crime and/or suspicious activities by contacting their nearest police station or calling the SAPS crime stop number 08600 10111.

PHOTO: (Supplied)

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