Police destroy almost 25,000 firearms in Vanderbijlpark

VANDERBIJLPARK - The SA Police Service says they destroyed almost 25,000 firearms at Cape Gate Steel in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, yesterday. Police spokesperson, Col Brenda Muridili, says the 24,910 firearms that were destroyed include weapons voluntarily handed over during the two previous amnesty periods, and those that were either confiscated or surrendered to the state. Muridili said about half of the firearms that have been destroyed after a notice was published in the Government Gazette in June, were handed in during the 2019/2020 and the 2020/2021 firearm amnesty periods. This includes rifles (3,610), shotguns (3,083), handguns (17,383) and other parts. She said the firearms were subjected to the integrated ballistics identification system (IBIS), which found that there were no hits nor firearm applications linked to them. Muridili said the police had to continually detect and remove illegal firearms from circulation as they were used to commit serious and violent crimes. The police always encourage those who have to handle firearms of their deceased relatives to do so in line with the prescripts of the law. Muridili said the act provides that in case of death, the family/executor must dispose of the firearm by deactivating it through a gunsmith, sell it to an accredited firearm dealer or individual, or voluntarily surrender it to SAPS for destruction.


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