Power failure, flooding, infrastructure damage after heavy thunderstorms

UPDATE: Vaal Traffic at 13:23 this afternoon issued a notice that all roads in the Vaal are underwater. The group urged motorists to drive slowly and keep their headlights switched on. AfriForum Vanderbijlpark also confirmed that the whole of Vanderbijlpark is currently experiencing a power outage. Global Garage in Sharpeville, Vereeniging, collapsed due to heavy rainfall this afternoon. Gauteng Weather says they received various reports of infrastructure damage in Vereeniging due to storm with damaging winds, heavy downpours and hail. Flooding at Midvaal Hospital in Three Rivers with multiple reports of areas underwater in parts of southern Gauteng.

VAAL TRIANGLE - As rain pelts parts of the Vaal Triangle this afternoon, the SA Weather Service yesterday issued a warning for A medium likelihood of severe thunderstorms in the entire Gauteng area. The Weather Service said in the warning the thunderstorms were expected late Friday, 20 November. It warned against localised flooding and poor driving conditions. Motorists are urged to be careful on the roads, drive at a safe following distance and turn on their headlights during the downpour.

Motorists have since been warned to avoid all main routes and avoid travelling altogether as far as possible. Barrage Road in Vanderbijlpark are among those roads the News Team is aware of that is affected by flooding. PHOTOS: (90.6 FM News - Williene Fuller; Sent via WhatsApp to 90.6 FM Stereo; Gauteng Weather)

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