Power supply interruption in parts of Emfuleni on Wednesday

BEDWORTHPARK - The Emfuleni Local Municipality issued a notice of a power supply interruption in Bedworthpark on Wednesday. ELM said in a public notice today that the community and businesses in Bedworthpark, Vaal Triangle, will be affected by a power cut between 07:00 and 19:00 on May 27. This is to allow maintenance work to be carried out on the electricity supply mains at the Bedworthpark substation. Emfuleni said no guarantee can be given that power supply will remain off for the whole above mentioned period. Therefore, the supply should be considered LIVE during the shutdown. For more information, residents can visit or contact the Electricity Control Room on (016) 950 5066. Contact information will be available on the 90.6 FM News Facebook and Twitter pages.

PHOTO: (Emfuleni Local Municipality)

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