Power supply to Vanderbijlpark not yet fully restored

UPDATE 16:10: AfriForum Vanderbijlpark posted in a notice that power: smoke could be seen coming from the substation in Bernard Price Street, SW2. The post stated that faults on the HT network could cause trips that affect multiple areas. Parts of SE2, 3 and parts of SW5 are off again.

UPDATE 2:54: AfriForum Vanderbijlpark posted that repairs are done to the earthing cables at the transition yard. Once all done, further switching may be done to power up remaining areas (those unaffected by the 30MVA transformer).

UPDATE 1:34: The latest update on the power supply interruption in Vanderbijlpark states that power has been restored from the Municipal substation. The Emfuleni Local Municipality last night confirmed that a 30 MVA transformer that exploded and caught fire at a Municipal Substation last night. Emfuleni Councillor Gerda Senekal has since confirmed that the so-called “main intake” from Eskom on the Emfuleni side has burnt. Apparently the damaged municipal substation can be isolated and switching will be done to restore power to other areas. ELM Control Room posted that upon restoration of power supply to the municipal substation, a few challenges were encountered. The message states it was discovered that earthing copper cables were stolen at the CE5 Transition Yard, which will delay electricity restoration at SE and CE areas. There is also tripping at the Town Substation where electricians are investigating to isolate the fault. This will reportedly delay restoration at CW areas, Bonanne and Bophelong. According to the message, these challenges are expected to be resolved sometime later today. An earlier message stated that the transformer that caught fire last night supplies parts of CE3, CE7 and Miami Sands. There is no estimated restoration time for these areas.

PHOTOS: (Gerda Senekal)

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