Rate of new daily coronavirus cases decreased from 42% to 4% during the lockdown period

VAAL TRIANGLE - President Cyril Ramaphosa last night announced that the national lockdown will be extended by another two weeks until the end of the month. He said during a live televised speech Government understands the situation severely disrupted the normal life of South Africans, but he thanked the nation for accepting this with unbelievable patience and courage. Ramaphosa also reminded South Africans that the fight was far from over and that the country could not relax yet, but had to persevere in order to save tens of thousands of lives.

Ramaphosa said everything points to the fact that the lockdown was the right and timeous thing to do. He said the tempo of new cases decreased dramatically, from an average daily increase of 42% before lockdown to the current 4%. The President also announced he and his cabinet will sacrifice one-third of their salaries for the next three months and the money will be donated to the Solidarity Fund established to assist during this crisis. Premiers of provinces will do the same, while Ramaphosa asked executives of companies to also consider similar measures. The fund has already collected R2.2 billion. The total confirmed cases of the coronavirus in South Africa yesterday reached 1,934. PHOTOS: (@presidencyza)

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