Residents urged not to buy illegally built property in Elandsfontein

MIDVAAL - The Midvaal Local Municipality has instructed the Ntha Property Developers to stop all illegal construction activities on portions 116 and 108 of the farm in Elandsfontein until the required legislature processes are followed and approvals are obtained. Twenty-three houses have already been constructed on portion 116. The Municipality held a meeting with the property developers and informed them that the housing projects remain illegal. The communications officer for Midvaal, Kagiso Korae, says the developers have been asked to cease all illegal activities and to follow the correct Town Planning and Building Control procedures. Korae says the households occupying these houses are at risk should there be any structural defects and incidences, given that no Certificate of Occupancy was issued by the Municipality. He said the development requires access to roads, water, sanitation, and electricity supply, for which the developer has not applied. Korae still advised Midvaal residents to refrain from purchasing stands or houses from the developer as the development is still illegal. Should residents notice any activities on site, the matter should be reported to the Midvaal Housing Section via email

PHOTOS: (Midvaal Local Municipality)

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