SA Pharmacy Council warns against unprescribed use of medications after looting of 120 pharmacies

VAAL TRIANGLE - The South African Pharmacy Council warns against the unprescribed use of medications after the looting of pharmacies. The South African Pharmacy Council says about 120 pharmacies have been targeted in the violence. Even Covid-19 vaccines were stolen. The regulator’s registrar Vincent Tlala says there is a health risk in addition to the economic losses sustained. The unrest has left patients desperately in need of their chronic medication. This means that many people are now battling to get access to medication that they simply cannot survive without. The council says at least two wholesalers, as well as patients' medical records, have been destroyed. He adds that in most cases, the pharmacies will remain closed for prolonged periods. Tlala advised members of the public to never use medicine that does not come from legitimate sources - from a pharmacy, or any of the healthcare professionals. He said recovered looted medicine should be returned to a pharmacy for proper disposal.

PHOTO: (Supplied)

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