SPCA had to euthanize 14 badly injured stolen goats on a local road


VAAL TRIANGLE - The Vereeniging/ Vanderbijlpark SPCA says they had to euthanize 14 badly injured goats on a road early this morning. According to the organisation’s Facebook page, they received an emergency call informing them that a large number of goats were allegedly stolen and chased over a road. According to the information they received, the goats were chased over the road and then they were hit by a vehicle. The organisation said the driver could not see the goats as it was still early morning and dark. The SPCA says even before their arrival, 21 goats died on the scene, while they had to humanely euthanize 14 goats that were badly injured and already dying. The organisation said the remaining 30 goats were examined and returned to their owner, who has opened a case of theft with the police. There has not been any information available about the vehicle or the driver at this stage.

PHOTO: (SPCA Vereeniging/ Vanderbijlpark)

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