The DA questions the accuracy of Gauteng’s Covid-19 hospital figures

VAAL TRIANGLE - The South African Medical Research Council has revealed that the country saw an estimated 17-thousand more deaths than expected since May. A co-author of the report by the council’s Burden of Disease Research Unit, Debbie Bradshaw, says the timing and geographic pattern of the so-called excess deaths show an association with the Covid-19 pandemic. Bradshaw adds that by the second week of this month, there were 59-percent more deaths from natural causes than would have been expected based on historical data.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance has questioned the accuracy of Gauteng’s Covid-19 hospital figures. Official figures by the Gauteng Health Department indicate that the number of people in hospitals with Covid-19 has decreased from five-thousand-576 last week to two-thousand-487 as of yesterday. The party’s Gauteng Shadow Health MEC Jack Bloom says this sharp reduction is welcome but does not seem credible as infections continue to increase and hospitals are all crowded with patients.

PHOTO: (Supplied)

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