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Vaal motorists encouraged to fill up before heavy fuel price increases at midnight

VAAL TRIANGLE - Vaal Triangle and other SA motorists only have a few hours left to fill up before another round of heavy petrol and diesel price hikes come into effect at midnight tonight. The Central Energy Fund (CEF) has announced that diesel prices will go up nearly R2/litre at midnight on October 3, the fourth consecutive monthly increase. The wholesale price of high sulphur 0.05% diesel rises R1.97/l with low sulphur 0.005% diesel increasing R1.94/l. Petrol also sees an increase, albeit to a smaller extent, with the retail price of 93 unleaded going up R1.08/l and 95 unleaded R1.14/l. All grades of petrol and diesel will cost more than R25/l inland. Illuminating paraffin rises by R2.02/l. The CEF attributes the increases to a rise in international fuel prices during the period under review, and the rand depreciating against the dollar. Anticipating the increases, the AA last week said it would hit consumers hard and they come at a time when most South Africans are feeling extreme financial pressure.

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