Vaal motorists might see a decrease in the petrol price next month

VAAL TRIANGLE - Vaal Triangle motorists might have a welcome breather next month with regard to the fuel price. The Automobile Association says Central Energy Fund data indicates a possible lowering of the petrol price by about 13c/l for 95 Unleaded and by about 4c for 93 ULP next month. The diesel price could also go down by about four-cents. If the oil price stays relatively low, March could see an even bigger decrease. The AA said they are pleased fuel prices have managed to tread water at the start of a year. It said rising tensions between the USA and Iran in the opening days of 2020 sparked a sharp increase in international oil prices, but the commodity has rebounded quickly. The AA said in fact, the oil price has returned to a level we might have expected had the US-Iran flare-up not taken place at all. International oil prices have fallen rapidly on fears that the corona-virus outbreak will harm China’s economy. PHOTO: (Supplied)

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