Vaal motorists reminded to fill their fuel tanks before midnight

VAAL TRIANGLE - Vaal Triangle motorists are reminded to fill their vehicles with fuel before midnight, as a hefty fuel price increase for August will kick in at midnight tonight. The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) said in a statement released on Saturday, the petrol price will go up by 91 cents per litre for both grades, while diesel will increase by between 54 and 55 cents per litre. Illuminating paraffin is set to cost 50 cents per litre. The deparment’s statement on Saturday indicated that among the main drivers for the steep increases include an increase in the Brent crude oil price to $74 per barrel, as well as an increase in international petroleum product prices, depreciation of the rand exchange rate and the implementation of a slate levy of 6.58c/l. The slate levy is a mechanism implemented to finance under recovery by the South African petroleum industry. The department said the new prices will kick in at the stroke of midnight on Wednesday.

PHOTO: (Supplied)

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