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Vaal motorists should continue applying for driver's license cards despite broken machine

VAAL TRIANGLE - Vaal Triangle and other South African motorists have been assured that there will be no delay with the printing of driver's license cards, despite South Africa’s only driver's license card printing machine being out of action, once again. The National Department of Transport said the maintenance of the machine will not affect the printing of driving license cards. Last year, the country's only card printing machine broke down and was not working for four weeks, which resulted in a serious backlog. EWN reports the department said routine maintenance of the card-printing machine started at the beginning of last month. However, the technical team noticed a breakdown that required a replacement of a critical part of the equipment. They anticipated that it could take two to three weeks to get the machine back in working order. The department reassured South Africans that this would not affect the production of driver's license cards and encouraged people to continue applying for their cards as per normal.

PHOTO: (Supplied)

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