Vaal SPCA ask for assistance after weekend’s flooding

VAAL TRIANGLE - The Vereeniging/ Vanderbijlpark SPCA has urged the community to assist them in any way they can after the flooding in Barrage, Bloempark, Nanascol and Vaalview areas over the weekend left animal stranded while people fled for their lives. The group said on its Facebook page that their team of inspectors, with the assistance of residents and volunteers, went to the affected areas to help rescue animals. Emergency services were however not able to allow the SPCA’s staff to accompany them to some of the areas that were inaccessible due to rising floods and strong currents. This as helicopters also had to be dispatched by rescue services to assist with the evacuation of people. The animal protection group was able to rescue a large number of dogs and took them to their Vanderbijlpark branch for safe keeping, while farm animals were herded to higher grounds to get them out of immediate danger. The local SPCA said they were expecting a huge influx of animals that will stay with them until they can be safely returned to their homes. The group urged the public to please open your hearts and make a donation of either dog/cat food, blankets or a small donation to support their rescue efforts.

PHOTOS: (Vereeniging/ Vanderbijlpark SPCA)

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