Vaal Triangle parents are unable to have drug-addicted children arrested for drug use alone

VAAL TRIANGLE - Parents are unable to have their drug-addicted children arrested for drug use alone. According to the director of the South African National Council on Alcohol & Drug Dependence, Magriet Botha, people can’t be arrested for drug use alone, but rather for criminal activities committed under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Botha says that addiction is seen as a disease, for which there is no cure other than abstention. According to the Vaalweekblad the law makes a provision for an individual to be involuntarily admitted to a rehabilitation center, only when the person is a danger to themselves or others or commits criminal acts to sustain their substance dependence. Furthermore, the court refers first time youth and adult offenders with a history of substance use, to a diversion program, aimed at educating people on the harmful effects of drugs or alcohol and on a healthy lifestyle. Botha says SANCA centers are voluntary admission centers and it is always best that a person with substance use disorder is motivated and willing to go for treatment. For more information, SANCA Vaal Triangle can be contacted on 016 933 2055.

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