Vaal Triangle residents warned of negatives around the Spekboom Challenge

VAAL TRIANGLE - South Africans and residents of the Vaal Triangle have taken up the Spekboom Challenge; planting the wonder-plant reducing carbon emissions with its powerful air-cleansing benefits. But while the Spekboom Challenge is doing a lot of good, there are negatives to be aware of. Recently those with the necessary knowledge have been taking to social media to warn people about planting spekboom in areas where they do not belong. Cape Town botanist Elzanne Singels says while the wonders of spekboom cannot be overlooked, residents are urged to think twice about where they plant it. Spekboom is originally found in rocky areas of the Eastern Cape and it is best to plant them in gardens or pots around the home. Those who have joined the Spekboom Challenge are being urged to never plant it in natural or wild veld areas, as it could do more harm than good.

PHOTO: (Supplied)

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