Vanderbijlpark community warned against reporting false incidents after false hijacking report

VANDERBIJLPARK - The Vanderbijlpark Sector 3 CPF issued a plea to the community to refrain from reporting false incidents. Vanderbijlpark SAPS Sector 3 Sector Manager, Capt EL van der Ryst, says this comes after information was circulated yesterday of a VW Polo that was hijacked on 19 June at around 20:00 in Sector 3. Van der Ryst says the tracking system reflected a location around CE area. Patrollers, SAPS, a tracking chopper and ground crews were mobilised and the area was scanned without success. They then received an update that the vehicle is moving towards Vereeniging and members responded. It was found with one occupant, but it was established the victim and alleged "suspect" are well known to each other and no hijacking occurred. Van der Ryst says the matter was then handed over to the applicable SAPS members to deal with accordingly. The tracking company also informed the alleged "victim" that he will personally be held responsible for all costs involved for the recovery. He says the matter of reporting a false incident/complaint has a serious criminal and civil impact and the CPF pleads with the community to refrain from these attempts.

PHOTO: (Vanderbijlpark Sector 3 CPF)

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