Vanderbijlpark CPF and SAPS arrest hijacking suspect and recovers stolen trucks

VANDERBIJLPARK - The Vanderbijlpark Sector 3 CPF and SAPS says it made an arrest last night after receiving information of a suspicious vehicle in the area that was involved in the theft and hijacking of trucks in various provinces across SA. The Vanderbijlpark SAPS Sector 3 Sector Manager Capt EL van der Ryst said in a statement after receiving the information early evening on 12 May 2022, they mobilised specialised units and the Sector Manager requested Sector 3 Patrollers to be on standby if needed. Van der Ryst said members were placed on possible incoming routes into Vanderbijlpark to monitor for the mentioned vehicle. The manager said the vehicle was spotted passing Vereeniging on the R59 highway and members immediately initiated a tactical takedown. The suspects reportedly refused to stop and fired shots at the members, but they retaliated by disabling the vehicle. Van der Ryst says a suspect was arrested and a firearm with spent cartridges was found on the scene. Sector 3 CPF patrollers assisted in safeguarding the scene while it was being prossessed. He said while some members remained on the scene, others followed further information collected on the scene and trucks were recovered on a smallholding in the Barrage area.

PHOTOS: (CPF Vanderbijlpark Sector 3)

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