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Vanderbijlpark SAPS warns against increase in motor vehicle theft at car washes

VANDERBIJLPARK - The Vanderbijlpark SAPS says the Vanderbijlpark area have been experiencing an alarming increase in motor vehicle theft recently. Police spokesperson, Sgt Sabelo Sigcu, last week said in a statement the suspects are using the modus operandi of targeting vehicles at car washes. Sigcu said it is alleged that the suspects will be loitering around a certain car wash to see who is bringing the motor vehicle and where the owner is headed after dropping the vehicle. After the owner has left, the suspect will pretend to be the owner of the vehicle or pretend that they were sent by the owner to fetch the vehicle and that is when the motor vehicle is stolen. Sigcu advised motor vehicle owners not to leave their valuable belongings in the car and to give a type of code to the car wash employee when leaving the car to attend to other errands. He also advised car wash owners to take precautionary measures when releasing the motor vehicle after delivering the service. Car wash employees are also encouraged to call the police if they see someone loitering around or someone suspicious. Sigcu said the suspects in the previous incidents were an Indian male and a white male.

PHOTO: (Supplied)

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