Vanderbijlpark water reservoirs refilling from today after repairs completed

The Emfuleni Local Municipality said in an update at 12:38 this afternoon that the technicians team has contained the check meter leak on the bulk line supplying parts of Vanderbijlpark. ELM says efforts to recharge the water network and refill the reservoirs are currently underway. According to Emfuleni, consumers in lower lying areas will have water during the network recharging process, while those in higher lying areas (i.e., Vanderbijlpark CBD, CE and CW Areas) will have water immediately after the reservoirs are refilled later today (Thursday, 24 June 2021). However, the municipality cannot give an estimated time to restore water supply at this stage. It urged consumers in lower-lying areas with supply are requested to restrict water use to allow reservoirs to recover speedily. This comes after an earlier update in which Emfuleni said the installation of the check meters and routine maintenance were performed overnight, however, technicians this morning discovered a minor leak on the bulk line feeding water to the Vanderbijlpark reservoirs.

PHOTO: (Emfuleni Local Municipality)

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