Various power faults across Vanderbijlpark after yesterday’s widespread power failure

VANDERBIJLPARK - AfriForum Vanderbijlpark says there are numerous power problems after yesterday’s major power failure across town. The organisation said in a statement these faults are due to, amongst others theft; badly done fuse links (ELM's infamous "illegal" wire bridges); and large loads upon switch-on causing already marginal infrastructure to fail (hot connections, bad joints, old cables, dirty insulators, etc). AfriForum says the number of bypassed protection devices, whether those be fuses, circuit breakers etc. will cause a ripple effect of failures. It says bypassed or faulty protection on HT equipment is even more dangerous. According to AfriForum, at least 100 faults were reported only this morningon the ELM Elec. control group. It said there is a massive backlog and urged people to please be patient, even though they realise it is asking a lot.

The latest Emfuleni statement released stated that technicians have been dispatched to attend to all complaints however, affected consumers are requested to exercise patience as teams are working on restoring supply to all affected. Consumers who are still experiencing service interruptions are requested to contact the Electricity Control Room via Whatsapp on 065 871 7483.

PHOTOS: (AfriForum; Emfuleni)

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