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A group of children from Bophelong implicated in the theft of thousands of condoms.

BOPHELONG - A group of children from Bophelong near Vanderbijlpark have been implicated in the theft of around 54 000 condoms from NPO Phuthuloha Counselling Organisation. The young boys are suspected of thieving to support their entrepreneurial endeavors with the stolen condoms evidently being sold for R2 at schools. According to the NPO’s founder and managing director, Disebo Tladi, the centre experience theft and vandealism challeges almost every week and there was a burglary at the centre last week. The Citizen reported that this is the NPO’s third theft incident, raising concerns about the safety of critical resources and the impact on public health in general. Among the items stolen are gazebos, thermometers, and blood pressure and diabetes machines. Tladi said Phuthuloha is dedicated to serve the community, but the community tries so hard to destroy the organisation. She appeals to the community to help safeguard this valuable resource.

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