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Another succesful Crime Prevention Operation conducted in Midvaal.

MIDVAAL - In a joint effort, the Midvaal Intervention Team, alongside Community Policing Forum (CPF) members, Meyerton SAPS, The Beast Security, and Afriguard, conducted a successful crime prevention operation, this past Friday, 17 November. The collaborative initiative involved setting up roadblocks and extensive patrols in Midvaal. During the operation, a suspect was apprehended, and illegal scheduled medicine and alcohol were seized. Major General Nkhensani Lemba, SAPS Sedibeng District Commissioner commended the partnership between the community, private security, and law enforcement, emphasizing its consistent positive outcomes. Meyerton CPF Chairman, Rudolph de Wet urged Midvaal residents to actively engage on their Whatsapp group where crime tips and information is being shared. De Wet emphasized the importance of community involvement in crime prevention efforts, encouraging a collective effort towards ensuring safety and security in the region.

CPF Whatsapp: 071 882 5621

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