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Commercial school of specialisation launched in Boipatong

BOIPATONG - The Gauteng Department of Education has launched another school in Boipatong, Vanderbijlpark, Tuesday 26 September. The department said the rationale behind the Jet Nteo Commerce and Entrepreneurship School of Specialisation – with a focus on Tourism and Hospitality – is rooted in the imperative of reinvigorating the township economy, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty. The commerce subjects complement the entrepreneurial spirit by providing learners with essential business and accounting acumen, equipping them with the skills necessary to initiate and operate their own businesses. The school’s Entrepreneurship Hub fosters innovation, the Maths Park hones analytical skills, the Outdoor Furniture Factory imparts practical craftsmanship, and our Museum instils cultural appreciation. Meanwhile, the Tourism exhibit explores lucrative industry opportunities, the Commerce Centre equips learners with financial acumen, and the Hospitality Centre imparts hands-on culinary and service experience. Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane said this array of display underscores the department’s commitment to preparing learners for a dynamic role in the local and global economy, emphasising versatility, innovation, and cultural awareness in entrepreneurship. According to Chiloane, this virtuous cycle of employment generation and economic rejuvenation is poised to breathe new life into Boipatong’s economy.

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