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Emfuleni launches first artificial intelligence WhatsApp chatbot to aid prepaid meter token identity

VANDERBIJLPARK - The Emfuleni Local Municipality announced the launch of “Lethabo”, an innovative AI WhatsApp Chatbot designed to guide residents through the prepaid meter TID migration process. Lethabo is a first for South Africa, supporting customers in English with Sesotho and Afrikaans to follow, ensuring all residents can update their prepaid meters before the November 2024 deadline. ELM said in a statement, as customers begin receiving two special 20-digit “key “change” tokens on electricity purchase slips, Lethabo will provide the necessary assistance to customers who may be confused for a smooth transition. This digital assistant affirms Emfuleni’s commitment to progressive customer service and technological adaptation in Public utilities. For guidance on the TID Rollover and meter updates, customers can contact Lethabo on WhatsApp at 087 250 2853.

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