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Emfuleni removes underground cables supplying power to a non-paying store in Vanderbijlpark

VANDERBIJLPARK - The Emfuleni Local Municipality says its MMC for Finance and Revenue, Cllr Hassan Mosola Mako, yesterday led an operation team to switch off the electricity for Frontline Hyper in Vanderbijlpark. ELM said in a statement the operation was carried out as part of strict credit control measures to recoup monies owed to the ELM and, to improve revenue collection. According to ELM, Frontline Hyper Store owes the municipality over R5 million and has continuously furnished the municipality with counterfeit proofs of payment. The store is also guilty of illegally reconnecting themselves to the power grid, which influenced the municipality to act in this way. Mako said to ensure all money due is paid, the municipality removed the underground supply cable and fuses. A case of fraud will also be opened against Frontline Hyper Store. Mako said communities need to understand that there are consequences against such infringements. But he said they are always open to negotiations and as such, the Revenue and Finance Department always encourages consumers to come forth, present their case and make arrangements.


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