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Emfuleni Revenue Department are onto fraudsters

VANDERBIJLPARK - The Emfuleni Municipality says in a statement his MMC for Finance and Revenue, Cllr. Hassan Mako together with the Acting Head of Revenue, Mrs. Okgabile Sape has opened a criminal case at the South African Police Service against Perele Investment (Pty) Ltd for an unauthorized reconnection to the municipal power grid. As a credit control measure for sustained non-payment, the Emfuleni Local Municipality disconnected Perele Investment from the grid several times but these advances were met with little to no success. According to the municipality, the company owes ELM over R5-million and has persistently submitted fake proofs of payment to the municipality. ELM will further open a case of fraud for fake proofs of payments. MMC Mako said that he is hopeful that these undertakings by the municipality will serve as an example to other consumers who are defaulting on their accounts, especially those who are taking it a step further by defrauding ELM. Mako added that fraud cripples the municipality and warned those behind these scams that the municipality is onto them and if found, they will face the full might of the law.

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