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Emfuleni welcomes a newly appointed Chief Operations Officer

VANDERBIJLPARK - The Emfuleni Local Municipality has appointed a seasoned professional in a critical senior management position, marking a significant milestone in its quest for operational excellence. ELM says following intensive Strategic Workshops aimed at fortifying government systems, Mr. Modiba David Mogofe has been appointed as the new Chief Operations Officer (COO), heralding a shift towards a culture of high performance and professionalism within the Emfuleni Local Municipality. According to ELM, Mr. Mogofe's extensive expertise in strategic leadership and organizational optimization positions him as a catalyst for transformative change within the municipality. Mogofe holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is currently studying towards another Masters qualification in Commerce. Mogofe said he is dedicated to service delivery and highlighted the importance of robust systems and empowered personnel. The Municipality extended a warm welcome to Mr. Mogofe, expressing optimism for a brighter future under his leadership.

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