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Eskom reintroduces loadshedding after 18 days

VAAL TRIANGLE - Loadshedding is resuming today after being suspended continuously for 18 days. Eskom has introduced stage 2 loadshedding from five this morning until four this afternoon. Thereafter stage three loadshedding will be implemented until five on Wednesday morning. This pattern of stage 2 loadshedding in the morning and stage 3 loadshedding in the evening will be repeated daily until further notice. The utility says with the current intensified maintenance aimed at improving the fleet performance, it had a setback of three generating units not coming back online as anticipated. Eskom spokesperson, Daphne Mokwena says this coupled with a loss of another six units and the projected increase in electricity demand, required stage 2 to be implemented.

PHOTO: (Eskom)

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