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Explosion at the LSP Industrial Park raises safety concerns

VANDERBIJLPARK - The SAPS confirmed that a case was registered regarding the explosion at the LSP Industrial Park in Vanderbijlpark on Tuesday night, 12 March at around 00:30. The incident sent shockwaves through the surrounding areas of Boipatong, Bophelong, and Vanderbijlpark. The incident raised questions about the safety protocols in place at the industrial site. Rea Gazette reports when approached for comments, a woman stationed at the gate of the factory was instructed to give "No Comment" to any media personnel. Rea Gazette also attempted to obtain information from the Emfuleni Spokesperson, but were met with similar deflection. According to Rea Gazette, the spokesperson claimed unawareness of the incident and emphasized that their engagement with private entities, like the industrial park, was typically reserved for instances impacting public welfare. However, they assured a forthcoming inquiry through the fire and emergency department to gather relevant information. It is alleged that two employees had previously raised grievances regarding safety measures at the factory. They shared with Rea Gazette their belief that the explosion could have been caused by a gas leak. No injuries were reported at the time of the explosion.

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