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Fezile Dabi creates job opportunities for Metsimaholo residents with EPWP Projects

SASOLBURG - The DA-led Fezile Dabi District Municipality, which covers local municipalities including Metsimaholo in Sasolburg and Ngwathe is Parys, implemented two key projects successfully under the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). The party’s Cllr Nick Muller said in a statement designed to alleviate poverty and provide income relief to the unemployed, these projects have been instrumental in fostering sustainable development within their communities. Muller said they have undertaken the 23/24 Green 2 Project – Cleaning around Governmental Buildings – which involved the cleaning of governmental buildings within the Metsimaholo Local Municipal area. The other project was the 23/24 Blue 3 Project – Maintenance of Culverts and Stormwater Channels – which focused on the maintenance of culverts and stormwater channels identified in the Rural Roads Asset Management System program in the Metsimaholo Local Municipal area. A total of 68 participants were engaged in the first project, while 12 participants were involved in the second. All 80 participants of the EPWP were successfully registered on the Expanded Public Works Programme System. To ensure efficient project management, eight teams were established, each led by a dedicated team leader responsible for administrative support and effective communication.

PHOTO: (DA - Metsimaholo Local Municipality)

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