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Metsimaholo Local Municipality warns of scammers

SASOLBURG - The Metsimaholo Local Municipality says in a statement he is aware of scammers who are using the name of the municipal manager, Mr Basi Motloung to fraudulently request money for advertised tenders at the municipality. The scammers are reportedly going around soliciting money in exchange for tenders at the municipality in his name. The municipality urged the community to inform law enforcement if they encounter individuals who are using the identities of Metsimaholo municipal employees to deceive people into giving them money illegally. The municipality says municipal employees are prohibited from soliciting money for tenders or any work associated with the municipality. This prohibition is part of ethical guidelines and legal frameworks designed to prevent corruption, bribery and conflicts of interest in public administration. The public is advised to stay alert, double-check information, and avoid being deceived by individuals pretending to be a municipal employee to unlawfully request money from the public. The municipality condemned this deceitful behaviour and says he will take all necessary actions to hold the individuals responsible, accountable and safeguard the municipality’s integrity, including that of the Municipal manager.

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