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Midvaal Municipality completes R25 million Bronk Road, gravel to tar project

MIDVAAL - The Midvaal Local Municipality has completed the R25 million Bronk Road gravel to tar road project. Municipal spokesperson, Idah Satikhe, said in a statement the project was officialy unveiled by the Executive Mayor, Alderman Peter Teixeira, along with Members of the Mayoral Committee. She said it was initiated in 2021 and was completed in 2023, in record time, at a total cost of R25 million. The intention was to connect the Eye of Africa to the R82 corridor, accommodating the expanding housing development and providing access to economic opportunities. Before this transformation, the terrain was challenging and difficult to navigate. Satikhe said this newly tarred road will not only simplify the transportation of heavy-duty trucks carrying goods but also facilitate smoother journeys for private vehicles.

PHOTO AND VIDEO: (Midvaal Local Municipality)

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