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Midvaal municipality launches state-of-the-art podcast studio at Sicelo Library

MIDVAAL - The Midvaal Local Municipality has officially opened a state-of-the-art Podcast Studio at Sicelo Library. Spokesperson Idah Satikhe said in a statement this innovative facility aims to empower community members to create and share their stories, ideas, and voices through the medium of podcasts. Satikhe said the Podcast Studio is equipped with recording equipment and editing software. This platform will serve as a creative hub where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can explore the art of podcasting, express themselves, and engage with diverse topics relevant to the community. Executive Mayor Cllr Ald Peter Teixeira expressed enthusiasm about the new Podcast Studio, stating, that he is delighted to see Midvaal Libraries embracing digital innovation and providing our community with opportunities for creative expression. Satikhe said the Podcast Studio at Sicelo Library will be available for bookings by individuals, groups, and organisations interested in producing podcasts on a wide range of topics.

PHOTO: (Midvaal Mayor)

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