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Midvaal officially opens rehabilitated Johan Le Roux Road in Meyerton

MEYERTON - Midvaal Local Municipality officially opened the newly rehabilitated and upgraded Johan LeRoux Road in Meyerton. Senior Media Officer Idah Satikhe says the rehabilitation of the road started in February 2024 and was completed last week, with only minor tasks such as pavement finishing and roadside cleanup remaining. Over the years, Johan Le Roux Road deteriorated due to wear and tear, weather, traffic loads, and other environmental factors. The Municipality completed the project within the planned six months and adhered to the stipulated budget of R20 million. The rehabilitation involved a complete overhaul of the road structure, including removing the existing pavement and base layers and replacing them with new materials. Johan Le Roux Road is a vital economic route for Midvaal, ensuring the movement of goods and services in and out the region. As part of the municipality’s empowerment programme, at least ten SMMEs were hired during the construction to provide various services such as TLB hire, security, paving, site establishment, and drainage. According to the municipality, over 14 residents were provided with employment opportunities, while at least 40 individuals received accredited training in kerb laying, bricklaying, asphalt, and concrete work. The Midvaal Municipality says he will continue to invest in infrastructure development which is critical in growing the local economy.

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