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Public Protector opens case against Emfuleni due to pollution of Vaal River

VAAL TRIANGLE - According to the Green Scorpions, it appears that the public protector is preparing a case against the Emfuleni local municipality due to the pollution of the Vaal River. The FF Plus filed a case with the Green Scorpions in 2020 due to the municipality's continued violation of the National Water Act. According to the FF Plus, the sewage system has collapsed since 2018 due to minimal maintenance, and sewage began to flow through cemeteries, houses, plots and roads into the Vaal River. In 2021, after an investigation, the human rights commission declared the pollution of the Vaal River to be a human rights violation. The FF Plus says its long-standing pressure to hold Emfuleni responsible for the pollution, is now bearing fruit. The FF Plus's Gerda Senekal says they are hopeful that the pollution of the Vaal River will now be brought to books.

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