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Ramaphosa announces intention to sign controversial NHI Bill into law on Wednesday

VAAL TRIANGLE - President Cyril Ramaphosa will publicly sign the National Health Insurance Bill into law at the Union Buildings in Pretoria tomorrow. The controversial bill sets in motion the government’s ambitious plans for universal health coverage, which is set to create a unified health system. Since the bill was introduced in 2019, no changes have been made in four years, despite critical comments from the medical profession, private healthcare industry, medical aid schemes, and other stakeholders saying it's unconstitutional in its current form. Critics say the bill will not address the healthcare problems in the country but rather cause many medical professionals to leave SA. These groups have been urging Ramaphosa to return the legislation to Parliament rather than giving his approval, citing major constitutional shortcomings and warning of irreversible damage to the country’s healthcare sector, particularly private healthcare. However, the Presidency says the signing of the bill will enable the healthcare system to overcome critical socio-economic imbalances and inequities of the past.

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