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Sasol Faces Criticism Over Poor Workplace Transformation Performance.

SASOLBURG - Petrochemical giant Sasol's commitment to workplace transformation has recently come under scrutiny, highlighting concerns about its dedication to promoting black individuals to management roles. Sunday World reports, while Sasol received an impressive Level 2 broad-based black economic empowerment rating for the period between July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023, its management control targets for black professionals fell significantly short. According to Sunday World, Sasol's B-BBEE verification report, available on the company's website, indicates a 33.3% achievement for black executive directors, missing the 50% target with 16.7%. The company also failed to reach the 60% target for black employees in senior management, scoring only 34%. Empowerment expert Simon Baloyi, slated to become Sasol's president and chief executive in April, faces the challenge of addressing these disparities. Economist Duma Gqubule criticized the verification process, calling for a re-evaluation of the entire system, suggesting that companies manipulate ownership scores. Gqubule advocates for government-imposed quotas, asserting that Sasol's Level 2 status raises questions about the effectiveness of current transformation efforts. Sunday World reports while Sasol remains silent on the matter, the industry awaits its response.

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