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Vaal residents encouraged to make use of SANBS extended operating hours

VAAL TRIANGLE - The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) is extending its operating hours amid an enhanced collection initiative for blood before the school and Easter holidays. News24 reports the extension is designed to encourage donors nationwide to make use of this opportunity to step forward and donate blood. SANBS Executive for Transfusion Donor Services and Marketing, Siemi Raj, said they acknowledge that the current operating hours may be constrained for some donors who are due to donate or would like to donate for the first time. Raj added this extension comes at a crucial time for SANBS as we look to expand our donor base and increase blood collections ahead of school closures and the Easter period. Since students comprise a sizeable ratio of the national donor base, school holidays have been synonymous with strained stock levels. The SANBS will therefore extend its operating hours nationwide until March 15 to increase blood stocks. Most donation sites will operate until 19:00 on weekdays to accommodate those who cannot visit during conventional operational times. Visit

 or contact 0800-119-031 to find out where you can donate blood. Follow SANBS on X (@theSANBS), Facebook (@SANBS) Instagram (@thesanbs) and TikTok (@thesanbs).


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