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Vereeniging-based company Makgotamishe Holdings accused of corruption.

VEREENIGING - Accusations of corruption are leveled against Vereeniging-based company Makgotamishe Holdings. IOL reports this comes after residents of Birch Acres near Kempton Park expressed mounting frustration as a promised multimillion-rand primary school remains incomplete seven years after its announcement. The R36-million project, initially set for a six-month construction period starting in 2017, now stands abandoned, sparking outrage in the community. The community accuses Vereeniging-based company Makgotamishe Holdings of misappropriation of funds meant for the project. They also criticize the Department of Education for negligence, claiming the department overlooked the company's questionable track record. Despite reassurances from the Department of Education spokesperson Steve Mabona that the school would open for enrollment this year, on-site inspection reveals ongoing incomplete construction. Richard Seletisha, a community representative, decries the squandering of R26-million and an untraceable R10-million, blaming the Department's failure to hold the contractor accountable. Subcontractor Isaac Mthethwa, owed over R700,000, continues guarding the site to prevent vandalism and crime. He emphasizes the community's desperate need for the school, highlighting the risk of it becoming a hotspot for criminal activity if left unattended. Efforts to resolve the issue have stalled, leaving Birch Acres residents disillusioned and children without a nearby school, forcing parents to bear transportation costs to distant overcrowded schools.

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