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AfriForum assures residents Vanderbijlpark's municipal drinking water is clean and safe

VANDERBIJLPARK - AfriForum Vanderbijlpark has assured residents of Vanderbijlpark that the town’s municipal drinking water is clean and safe. The organisation on Tuesday said in a notice that the pollution alert that was raised by the Emfuleni Local Municipality is not for Vanderbijlpark itself. It quoted ELM as saying that consumers at Beverley Hills, Sonderwater, Graceland, Palm Springs, Lakeside, Zone 3, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Small Farms, Evaton, Evaton North and West are notified that the water is still not safe for consumption. The municipality continues to urge affected consumers to avoid using tap water for consumption and to boil it before use. According to ELM, the pollution is due to sewage contamination. AfriForum said it along with independent laboratories test the potable (drinking) water from Rand Water regularly, confirming that the water is clean and safe. It blamed the municipality for allowing sewage to flow freely into our water resources. However, the organisation urged residents not to spread rumours, false or unverified information.

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