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AMSA will oppose application from environmental activists suing it for air pollution

VANDERBIJLPARK - Arcelormittal SA (AMSA) says it will oppose an application by environmental activists suing SA’s environment minister, the national air-quality officer and the local unit of AMSA for allegedly not acting against the company over its air pollution. News24 reports the Vaal Environmental Justice Alliance and groundWork filed the case in the High Court. They allege the government has not acted to curb ArcelorMittal South Africa's emissions of pollutants including hydrogen sulfide from the continent’s biggest steel plant in Vanderbijlpark, Vaal Triangle. AMSA’s Tami Didiza said in a response to 90.6 FM News that as a responsible corporate citizen, ArcelorMittal South Africa is mindful of the importance of conducting its business in a responsible and ethical manner - and this includes respecting the rights and interests of its stakeholders – and in compliance with the law. In keeping with these values, continuously improving on its environmental performance remains a priority. Didiza said it is important to point out that the court application relates to a matter decided by the Minister within the framework of the legislation, after due process and a duly motivated application by ArcelorMittal SA. He said the application will therefore be opposed, and ArcelorMittal SA will respond to the allegations set out in the application in due course as a part of the legal process.

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