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Emfuleni Local Municipality warns of an employment scam.

VANDERBIJLPARK - The Emfuleni Local Municipality said in a statement that people are being contacted with fake offers of employment from scammers. ELM says its name is used on SMS texts and social media platforms which offers job seekers fake opportunities and invite them for an interview for a fee. ELM cautions the public that the municipality does not demand or request money whatsoever for any recruitment purposes, including the administration and processing of forms. He reiterated that no municipal employee or politician is allowed to demand or request money for any job vacancy or interview. According to ELM, scammers use names of existing ELM employee such as “Makhosonke” or “Betty” to defraud job seekers. The municipality distances itself from dubious operations and views any person paying money for an employment opportunity as an accomplice to fraud and corruption.

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