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Murder suspect arrested in Meyerton after cooperation between several local groups

MEYERTON - The Beast Security says they responded to an alleged murder incident this week after an altercation between two men in Kookrus, Meyerton. The organisation said in a statement they responded to the incident together with Kookrus Neighbourhood Watch and The Midvaal Intervention Team. Upon arrival, an eyewitness alerted the teams that the suspect hid himself in a locked room a short distance from where the alleged murder had taken place. A team was assembled to secure the suspect while the other team went to look for the presumed body. The alleged suspect was apprehended and shortly thereafter Meyerton SAPS arrived and the suspect was handed over to them. The body a man was located and CERT-SA was contacted and they confirmed that the person was deceased. CERT-SA proceeded to complete the necessary paperwork for the police. Eric from The Beast Security thanked everyone that played a crucial part in the success, mentioning Kookrus Neighbourhood-watch, Midvaal Intervention Team, CERT-SA and Meyerton SAPS. He said this shows that team work delivers results.

PHOTOS: (The Beast Security; CERT-SA)

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