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The Gauteng and American governments already working on the new airport based in the Vaal Triangle.

VAAL TRIANGLE - In a recent trade mission to America, the Gauteng provincial government collected an investment of R2.7-billion from American investors for the development of the special economic zone in the Vaal Triangle. The MEC for economic development, Tasneem Motara says she and her team recently visited the John F Kennedy airport in New York and the Dallas Fort Worth airport in Texas to gain knowledge about the operation of these airports. This is to help them understand which operating model will work best for the new airport in the Vaal Triangle. According to Motara, the new airport will be built and operated by the private sector, but in close cooperation with the local government. She added there is however still no date or fixed timeline for the construction of the airport. With these and other investments, the provincial government hopes to create thousands of direct and indirect jobs and give the Vaal Triangle a proper face lift. The Gauteng and American governments are already working together on aspects such as communication, infrastructure and renewable energy.

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