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Vaal Business Corporation says ALL Emfuleni businesses must now pay Eskom directly

IMPORTANT NOTICE: VAAL TRIANGLE - The Vaal Business Corporation (VBC) says all Emfuleni Local Municipality businesses, irrespective of size, must pay their electricity bill to Eskom directly with immediate effect. The VBC’s Klippies Kritzinger said in a notice on its Facebook page that he attended a meeting last week Friday on behalf of VBC with Eskom management, their attorneys and Emfuleni Local Municipality management. Kritzinger said there they agreed that all businesses in ELM must pay Eskom directly, not just Large Power Users (LPU’s) as previously corresponded. He said businesses must please include the VAT portion. According to Kritzinger, we need to settle the monthly current account to ESKOM for 36 months to be able to have the ±R5.8 billion that ELM owes ESKOM to be written off. He said this will be to the benefit of us all. (Please send an email to for relevant details.)

This comes as Eskom’s spokesperson Amanda Qithi yesterday said in a statement that following a Pretoria High Court order in July, the Emfuleni Local Municipality’s large power users are to pay their electricity bills directly to Eskom with immediate effect. Qithi says according to the court order, the power supplier and the municipality are to implement and finalise the terms of the agreement within six months from the date of the order, subject to the appropriate oversight from the National Energy Regulator. PHOTOS: (Eskom; Central News SA)

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